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What is Yokki

Yokki Co Ltd. is a Japanese Company specialized in manufacturing of high quality lubricants.

The name "Yokki" consists of two Japanese words: "world" and "opportunity". Yokki is the world of opportunities for your business development. In our company each customer, partner or dealer will find the full professional support and high-level service.

Every day of our work stands for improvement of Yokki oils quality improvement. We keep testing our developments and compare them with products of global producers, using the most up-to-date methods. We generate the best ideas and materialize them in Yokki products.

Our oils are regularly put through safety tests, and ingredients that negatively influence the environment and human health are taken out of them.

Not coincidentally, we affirm that "when other talk about quality, we conform to it". The quality of our lubricants is confirmed by the API license (American Petroleum Institute). Output products have also the ILSAC GF-4 access (corresponds to the required quality level). American Petroleum Institute and International Lubricant Standardization and Approval Committee approved our developments that can be confirmed by the marking of packing.

Yokki lubricants are produced at plants, certificated according to ISO 9001 standard. The oils are manufactured on the basis of the high quality base stock with blending from the leading world producers such as Lubrizol, Infineum, Avton.

We provide the market with all lubricants of new generation:

  • Full synthetic motor oils;
  • Synthetic blend motor oils for gasoline and diesel engines;
  • Mineral motor oils for gasoline and diesel engines;
  • Synthetic blend and mineral motor oils for commercial and freight transport;
  • Transmission oils;
  • Industrial oils.

The strategy of Yokki is firstly high qualitative products distribution. In order to do so, we provide our customers, partners and dealers with everything necessary, and also encourage the growth and self-fulfillment of everyone who works with Yokki products.

Besides, we care about environment and that is why we manufacture the products in a special eco-friendly packing. We are for minimizing of factory waste.

The road to the world of opportunities is free! We will be glad to develop Yokki business with your company!

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